Coven of the Shivarra dead - killed by the American Dodgeball Association of America 9/11M

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So we just killed Coven Mythic, making that 3 Mythic bosses in a week. We owe this to Konahh's inspirational leadership in annoying my good friend Jai.

Wrong guild. Anyway, solid week.

Now for Aggramar. What fun awaits.

Stomper was Bush:

Training video for Coven and Kin'garoth by the American Dodgeball Association of America.

Could IS be coming for Phoenix and Halo despite raiding less hours? The answer is, "no". Memes over.

Varimathras and Kin'garoth Mythic Dead - 8/11!

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Two bosses in a night, grats all, while maintaining the 2 nights p/w schedule. We're coming for you, Emnity.

We're back up and running after Christmas. I'm interested in a new DH to raid with. Also, LF more gullible idiots to trade me gold.


Also I'd like to take this opportunity to say to Konahh - #ReturnJamesToPolarDiscord

Can't be a kill without a meme. There's a few to choose from. There's the "I didn't realize mandatory raids were mandatory", "Why did you bully me James I have a brain tumor" or Jai's hatred of Pudgy. I personally choose the Riff Shadowstepping on the Varimathras kill, spawning extra add, and pantheon blowing it up.

Coven. Joy

Omega Squadron going social

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Thanks for the fish guys - Omega Squadron (Kemee - 3 days p/w) has now ceased raiding.

This leaves KVWN News Team, now simply known as the Raiding Team (2 days p/w) as the sole raiders.

It is Christmas, my dudes. Raid Team Update

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KVWN are now raiding one day a week to clear farm and 4/5 mythic.

Omega are moving raid days to Wed/Thu/Fri for the next two weeks to smash up Antorus a bit more.
Omega LF Restoration shaman!

Happy Christmas, see you in January, time for the well known xmas song

5/11 Mythic for KVWN News Team and Christmas Break! Omega Squadron 4/11 Mythic!

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We have slayed Portal Keeper and Eonar.

Kill pictures incoming. Portal Keeper was fun, we had Enisee go OOM and an offspec resto. Eonar seemed fun, though I prefer Arkguil's Tower Defence.

Good progress guys. KVWN News Team (2 days p/w) are now winding down for Christmas and New Year, picking up prog in 2018. LF 1-2 healers!

Kill picture here:

eonar kill picture:

i did a good photoshop my guild mates like it i hope it convinces you to raid here

Pudgy uses Toxic, Wobber uses Mechanics!

Omega Squadron: 4/11M - Eonar to go! Kemee to update!

3/11 Mythic for KVWN News Team, 3/11 Mythic for Omega Squadron!

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Antorun High Command went boom. Kind of like Transformers. Except with daan boosting.

KVWN News Team (IS 2 day p/w) is now 3/13 M - urgently LF 1-2 healers to stop James dying!

Omega Squadron: 3/13 Mythic - Instance lagging hurt alot, but cleared 3/13M as well.

Next reset will see the benefit of strong splits, which will see the IS name pushing up the ranks from Omega. A good first week for both teams.