Did you miss me?

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Cave has some age old screenies up from the old days:


Omega Squadron Kills KJ

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After many challenges and roster issues in the first half of the tier Omega Squadron downs Kil'jaeden, achieving a very respectable finish of the tier!

Anyone is free to leave an application if they want a shot at joining a team which is constantly evolving and improving, reaching higher goals.

Special thanks to Big Shaq memes for getting us through KJ progress.

Classic WoW - Inner Sanctum is returning!

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This will be a long way away, but.. we're going back to our roots.

New, old, retired and elderly members all welcome.

Post up!:

Vanilla WoW - IS is coming back!

Let's farm Duskwood spiders for Alliance first Viscidus!

Sagart ninja's cauldrons!

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 16 Oct 2017 18:17 2 comments
You heard it here first. THIEF!

Team 2: Progressing on KJ.

Omega squadron Downs Avatar in only 160 pulls & Disbanding of Alpha Squadron

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Congrats to Omega Squadron for Avatar. Enjoy Super fun Kil'jaeden!

This post is also to state that Alpha Squadron has decided to call it a day. ToS took a lot out of the raiders who raided it; too much grinding and soaking while a very oppressive atmosphere due to those mechanics has meant that players will either go social or do external raiding. I wish you all well.

This means that IS is back to a one team guild. Will Omega Squadron keep the name Omega Squadron? Stay tuned!

Realm First! Kil'jaeden. Alpha Squadron 9/9 Mythic!

Posted by Jamesmarcus on 02 Oct 2017 00:40 1 comments
Horrible boss. Fuck this tier.

Brutal boss. I got the strats wrong in many ways forcing a 3 tank, but it's dead. Grats to all past and present members of IS for the kill - everyone who has been with us since January, or even left, deserve a shoutout.

Kill Pic:

Kill Vid inc!

IS Nerdscreams:

The kill came as something as a surprise - we lost 2 days of progress due to instance lag (on behalf of literally EVERY guild on Silvermoon, can you do something about this, Blizzard? Fair race is one thing, but having one guild lag out which rotates is irritating) and had roster issues / RL problems dogging us. However, cometh the hour, cometh the Penkek Marker.

This ends Tomb, which has been pretty much one of the worst tiers for raiding overall in my opinion. Soak mechanics, artifical checks put in place by soak checks, and bosses that require double the wipes of the first. Avatar was a good ending, but KJ. Less said about this the better.

Hope Antorus is better. Certainly I'd like to have an entire mass res button, Argus style!

This leaves Alpha Squadron 9/9 Mythic, and rebuilding for Antorus! Apply now. Finishing at a respectful World 141, with only 3 days p/w, no added days, no extend, just 10:30 of pure raiding focus.

Omega Squadron are 7/9 Mythic with avatar soon to be dead.

As my post has been leaked anyway, I'll hijack this to say, yes I am going social due to RL and burnout and leave on these words.

See you on the social side.