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General info
Character name:


Race, class, Artifact Level:
Pandaren, Monk, Artifact 48 (20% to 49)

For how long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
2 years

Total played time:
dont know exactly, got too many characters scattered across realms and accounts, but i guess its somewhere between 100-200 days

Time played on current character in current expansion:
19d 23h (19d 1h at max lvl)

Guild and raid info
Previous guilds and your reason(s) for leaving them:
ive raided with Genesis during HFC, left because i got tired about how everyone lost interest in raiding after progression was done. didnt join any guild since then.

How did you hear about Inner Sanctum?
was browsing wowprogress, looking for a guild for tomb

Why Inner Sanctum and why should we accept YOU?
you need a tank, and im a pretty good one

Do you know anyone from Inner Sanctum in-game or irl already? If yes, who and will they vouch for you?

What is your raid experience (on any character and including past experience)?
while the content was relevant:
HFC - 13/13 M
EN - 7/7 HC
ToV - 3/3 HC
NH - 10/10 HC, 3/10 M

What do you expect from raiding in Inner Sanctum
i dont expect anything really, just want to raid again

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it during raids?

Can you attend all of our raid times listed in the rules? How often do you expect to miss a raid? (note we have an 80% attendance requirement and do track raider attendance)
yes, i dont expect to be missing raids, the fixed schedule is one of the main reasons i prefer guilds over pugs

How much do you play outside of raiding times?
depends on the day, currently im clearing normal and heroic of all raids every week, clearing AP world quests twice a day, running some mythic+, and when there are no other games to play, i level some alts

How would you describe yourself as a raider?
im always there and i do my job, when there are some mechanics that require me to talk i talk, otherwise i just do what i have to do

What addons do you use to improve your raiding performance?
weakauras, bigwigs (or dbm, if there are preferences in the guild, i dont mind switching), evlui, and whatever other addon is there for some specific fights, like iskar assist for iskar, etc..

Please supply a screen shot to your UI:

Please supply a link to the armory with your raiding gear equipped: ... rmoon/owlo

Please supply combat logs of some of your previous kills: ... metric=dps
ive transferred recently, these are my logs before then: ... metric=dps

Real life info
Name: Peter
Age: 26
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

May 16th, 2017, 19:20
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Hello Owlo,

First of all, my apologies for the late response, our team 2 officers are pretty busy.

Thank you for your application to Inner Sanctum, your application is currently under review and we will come back to you with an answer shortly.

Kind regards,

May 18th, 2017, 16:51

Joined: May 11th, 2017, 19:59
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Hi Owlo,

Thank you for your application. We have discussed it, and due to recently taking on some other trial tanks, we feel we could not offer you a suitable spot right now.

I wish you every success in your guild search!


May 19th, 2017, 21:07
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