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 [ Declined ] Team 1 - Lylaeth - Havoc Demon Hunter 
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Joined: June 2nd, 2017, 10:33
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Character name: Lylaeth

Battletag: Artorias#21864

Race, class, level, Artifact Level server:

-Night Elf, Havoc Demon Hunter, 110, 52 traits on main spec and offspec, Silvermoon

Talent spec:

Havoc(I got all Havoc legendaries and I've got a variety of items that I swap around for the encounter.(This includes changing my talents!)

For how long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

-Played during Wrath(death knight) and WoD(very briefly, as a mage and a druid) and I've returned to WoW after a break shortly after Legion

Total played time:

-67 days 13 hours (this is a new account I used to play with a different account that I gave to my ex)

Time played on current character in current expansion:

-66 days 9 hours as Demon Hunter, I also have a few alts.(Balance druid, brewmaster monk and frost death knight)

Guild and raid info:

Previous guilds and your reason(s) for leaving them:

-Ebon Flame(Moonglade) as semi-hardcore and Kozmos(my current guild- Silvermoon), leaving as a result of not having any progress because of roster problems(lack of sign ups etc.)

How did you hear about Inner Sanctum?

-Wowprogress and in-game.

Why Inner Sanctum and why should we accept YOU?

-I've always had a competitive spirit in every game I played. I'm always up to a challenge and a task. I've had hunger for mythic progression for a while now and I'm looking for a stable environment to share this excitement. I'm always up to date with the classes I play and always trying to improve in any way possible.

Do you know anyone from Inner Sanctum in-game or irl already? If yes, who and will they vouch for you?

-Sadly, no. But I'd like to meet people, I'm a very social person and always enjoy a good laugh.

What is your raid experience (on any character and including past experience)?

7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 7/10M NH as demon hunter.

What do you expect from raiding in Inner Sanctum?

-My goal is to be part of a solid progression guild. I also love pushing high keystone and really enjoy the smaller group content as well. I spend a large amount of times playing numerous games (student life) always incredibly competitive and would expect the same level of competition from other members.

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it during raids?

-Yes I do, I speak English, French and Turkish and don't mind using any voice comms. I always prefer voice comms over in-game chat.

Can you attend all of our raid times listed in the rules? How often do you expect to miss a raid? (note we have an 80% attendance requirement and do track raider attendance)

-Yes I can raid 7 days a week unless there's a health or family issue. I've always had high attendance in my previous guilds.

How much do you play outside of raiding times?

-Currently I play around 8-9 hours a day but I've been just chilling past few days due to not having anything "challenging" to do in my guild.

How would you describe yourself as a raider?

-Determined, focused and calm. Always up to a task and love trying more unconventional tactics if needed for progress.

What addons do you use to improve your raiding performance?

-DBM, ExRT, GTFO, WeakAuras, ElvUI, AngryAssignments. Can always get more addons if required.

Please supply a screen shot to your UI:


Please supply a link to the armory with your raiding gear equipped:

- ... on/lylaeth

Please supply combat logs of some of your previous kills:


Please supply a link to the armory of any relevant alts you're playing:

- ... AEl%C3%AEa


Name: Ilgar Kayı Akyüz
Age: 25
Location: Strasbourg - France
Info about you and what you do when not playing WoW: Student(Law) and freelance translator. I also swim a lot and used to be a professional swimmer and an archer.

Hoping to hear from you,

June 2nd, 2017, 11:08
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Joined: March 25th, 2015, 15:37
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Heya Lylaeth ,

Thank you for your application to Inner Sanctum, your application is currently under review and we will come back to you with an answer shortly.

Kind regards,

June 3rd, 2017, 8:03
Hi Lylaeth,

I'm at the moment the only demon hunter on team 1 and I'm of course going to see if i can give my opinions on your evaluation. What legendaries have you acquired so far? With 67 days you should have quite a few of them unless you stand afk in dalaran?

- Jilneas

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June 3rd, 2017, 13:11

Joined: June 2nd, 2017, 10:33
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Hey Jilneas,
First of all thanks. I always love chattering with other demon hunters, especially the experienced ones. So far I have all Havoc legendaries minus the crafted one. I also have Archimonde and Spirit of Darkness Flame specific for Vengeance.


June 3rd, 2017, 13:16
Hi Lylaeth,

Nice to hear that - Thanks for replying so quickly.

June 3rd, 2017, 13:21
If possible, please give us a picture of your ui while in combat.

June 3rd, 2017, 13:23

Joined: June 2nd, 2017, 10:33
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Of course, there you go:

P.S I'm fairly new to ElvUI, I used to play with default Blizzard UI until very recently so I'm still adjusting it.

June 3rd, 2017, 13:34

Joined: June 2nd, 2017, 10:33
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Quick note regarding my logs; Unfortunately, I didn't have my current gear during my recorded kills and have a couple of unrecorded and private logged kills as well but I've got more recent logs that my guild wiped(not having the main roster).

Recent Krosus: ... amage-done

Recent Chrono: ... ne&fight=2

Our Star Augur Attempts: ... amage-done

Recent Botanist: ... ne&fight=5

June 3rd, 2017, 14:32
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Joined: March 25th, 2015, 15:37
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Hey Lylaeth.

Thanks for your application to Inner Sanctum.
I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that suits you.

Kind regards,

June 3rd, 2017, 18:43

Joined: June 2nd, 2017, 10:33
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Thanks for your quick response. Good luck on your next tier progress!

June 3rd, 2017, 20:15
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