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 [ Declined ] Shadow Priest Application for your 2nd Team :) 
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my Name is Max and I'm a german World of Warcraft Player since TBC.
Back then i played a Rogue and managed to clear black temple after the nerf and i got my first Raid experiences. When Wotlk came out i switched my main class to a deathknight and raided with the horde guild spawn on madmortem.(doesnt exist anymore) We managed to get 9/10 hc in a few weeks, but the guild disbanded some time later. Because of that i took a break from playing WoW. I played some hours in MoP an Cataclysm, but theres nothing important to mention.
With the Draenor Addon I started playing a Rogue again, but i dont have any Raid experiences there, because I played PvP only. With Legion i really wanted to be a Raider again and started with a demonhunter.
Unfortunately that class didnt really fit to me and i rerolled to a shadow priest a few months after Legion came out and with this priest i want to apply for Inner Sanctum.

general information about the character:

name: Plazmî ( ... lazm%C3%AE)
traits: 53
Gearscore: depends between 908 and 910
Experience in current Raids:
EN 7/7 Myth
ToV 0/3 Myth (I didnt raid Tov as it was the time when i rerolled from dh to shadow)
NH 9/10 Myth and i got some phase 1 und 2 experience on Gul Dan

Guild history:

The first guild i raided in with this Priest was Deus Maximus. I joined them, because it was a guild of a friend. I nearly only did hc nh with them, so i switched to the raidguild aspire get a better look into the mythic content. I think they were 6/10 when i joined. So then we did kill Bota,Star and Elisande and are trying Gul Dan at the moment. The reason i'm not quite satisfied right now is, that we are a lot of shadows in the guild and they are being switched all time.

Why am I applying for Inner Sanctum ?

At first I was kinda searching for an English guild. I dont know why, because i have never been in an english guild before, but I kinda wanted something new and I think my english is good enough to understand things an communicate in English. But the real reason for my application was like the kind of 'nostalgia' factor. I know you hope what I mean with that. Like back in the days, when i was raiding TBC and Wotlk Inner Sanctum used to be one of the world best guilds and i would be an honor to play for a guild with such a big name.

Why am I the right player for you?

I've been playing and following WoW for a really long time now and i suppose from that experience, I have the ability to understand and play new encounters in a really short period of time. On top of that i my discipline is quite good. That means my attendance is near 100%, and i take things like Raid preparation very serious.

Me in real life:
I'm a 21 years old engineering student living in the middle of Germany. In my freetime i'm most of the time busy with partying, playing video games (I really love Starcraft 2 for example), sports and a little with learning for university

I hope I could give you an Overview about me and my Character in WoW. I dont want to waste your time with more information. People may get bored of big wall of texts :P

Best wishes, Plazmi

June 3rd, 2017, 1:26

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Sorry for the late reply.

We have discussed your application and we sadly cannot offer you a spot.

Best of luck.


June 6th, 2017, 9:53
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