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 [ Accpted ] Team 1 - Savage - Rogue 
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Outside of wow
Ex-student with a 6 day a week morning job, done by 14:30 Server everyday playing till around 1-2 server most night, enjoy occasional nights out.


Applying Character
Night Elf Rogue Main Sub Spec ... b/advanced

Time Played:
Rogue 14 days 110, 82 days total + another rogue on Tarren mill - Total 429 across 110 chars - Since 5.4

Rogue 54 Sub, 52 Assassination, 52 Outlaw 8533105678 On rogue, across all characters, too much

Alts Armory

All my alts

Logs: ... metric=dps

Playing a Rogue
Although I did not main a rogue at the start of the expansion I have always kept mine up to date with gear and artifact power. When I switched assassination was the dominate spec with the shoulder and boots, however, I picked up the bracers which have now become the new BiS. Since then sub became the dominate spec with a mix of the shoulders and the bracers.

I am farming hard for the bracers as sub and mixing both current active builds, the build that runs weaponmaster, shadow focus and marked for death which focuses on getting as much damage inside symbols of death with shadow dance. The other build runs as many buffs as possible with master of subtlety, nightstalker and death from above for huge eviscerates. I have been experimenting with wearing the ToS 4 set or the NH 2 set and ToS 2 set and have settled on the latta for now.

Outlaw has its uses and was used towards the end of NH, I am well aware of how to play the spec and would do so if it was competitive but do not enjoy the playstyle


Previous Guilds

Stark - This was my first guild and they introduced me to raiding and let me form my own team from social members of the guild. After we became an established team we found we were being more held back by the guild so decided to leave to form our own team (The Outspoken)

The Watchmen/ From Ashes - I was headhunted by some ex stark members for the leadership I showed for an alliance sister of stark. I was offered a co-raid leader spot, within two weeks I was the sole raid leader and within the month I was an officer. Just to note from The Outspoken a good proportion of the 10 man followed me across as they enjoyed being raid lead by me. This guild went through many hiccups as we formed at the end of MOP but after becoming GM in the middle of BRF I took the guild from world 12,000 Kargath mythic to world 4000 Hans & Frans. After this the guild started losing members faster than we could recruit so me and the officer decided to call it a day.

Scrubz - After a short break from raiding I joined scrubz on my rogue and very quickly became an officer. I have been the main drive for their push in legion for world 200 having made 10's of spreadsheets and information dumps about legion before the GM went bat shit and the guild eventually collapsed

Scrubbusters & Pieces - I have attended trials in both these guilds, however, the atmosphere and community I desire to go with my raiding experience were severely lacking and I removed myself from both trials after 3-4 weeks.

No Hard Feelings - After Scrubz I was left high and dry, so went back to my comfort zone on my rogue, having got into this guild I was looking forward to progression however they are more concerned with friends raiding and recruiting a 5th healer is pointless to them so I have decided to move on in search of a team who is more progression focused

Relevant cleared content
I began playing the game in late 5.4 and taught myself to raid during SoO with my own team killing 5/13 Heroic before the patch - Rogue
1/7 M Highmaul - Mage
4/10 M BRF - Team lost 3 healers in 1 week causing our progression to halt Rogue/Hunter/Brewmaster
13/13M HFC - Rogue/Mage
7/7M EN - Mage
2/3M ToV Pre Nerf - DK
10/10M Nighthold - Mage/ Rogue
3/9 M ToS - Rogue


Weak Auras (lots of them)
Vocal Raid Assist

UI Screenshot

Outside of Raid

Outside of Raid
Outside the raid I enjoy mythic + and playing my alts, I have 51-52 traits on at least 1 spec on my alts and every character has 3+ Legendaries

Why IS
I have been on Silvermoon since the end of Mists and I remember seeing them dominating the server and was very sad to see them go, having friends inside many other guilds on the server I know these guilds aren't for me and am an looking for a more focused guild. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone is IS.

When raiding in a guild like IS I expect a high level of raiding and progression but with social things going on such as alt runs, mythic + and boosting having made a lot of gold in WoD and I looking to do it again.

100% attendance outside of exceptional circumstances


I am a social and interactive raider with working headset and mic

PC Specs
i5 4760k
GTX 960
16 GB ram

I edit and upload videos:
I Stream raids on occasions:

Why you should pick me!

I picked up 9 random people out of a community guild, some who had never raided, went over their logs, watched videos of them playing, discovered who could improve and who were never going to to get better and turned them into a heroic raiding guild in 6 months, so I could raid because no one else would give me a chance. Once I was given a team in The Watchmen, I went through logs for hours, moulding a newly formed team at the end of 5.4. We had no healers at max level 10 days into the expansion, so I healed on my 3rd capped character (a disc/holy priest) to gear our raiders in heroics. WoD was about developing myself as a player and as a raider and I feel through the expansion I have achieved my goals, I am committed and I will stop at nothing to raid and improve myself.

As you can see from my Alt list I play any and all specs (except enhancement, never been a fan) and playing any of these alts give me 3 weeks and I will be deep into simulations and theorycrafting.

July 5th, 2017, 22:44

Joined: July 5th, 2017, 18:56
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I did see your post before you deleted it and just thought I would respond to a couple of things

Sorry for the mistake on main link, I was in SB on a warlock, they didn't need my Mage at the time and asked me to play warlock for them, I found the atmosphere pretty poor and didn't enjoy warlock at that time. ... 3407999/8/ This link should work however since it is Wednesday the logs will not show due to high traffic for me I will repost in the morning if it is incorrect

Raid bots I find unreliable as a source and prefer to use simpermut and create my own comparisons in simcraft so I can look into more details.

July 6th, 2017, 0:53

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Cheers Randy Savage. What was the name of the warlock?

July 6th, 2017, 7:53

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July 6th, 2017, 8:21

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Deciding on app now Savage :)

July 6th, 2017, 21:56

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Accepted. Welcome!

July 9th, 2017, 11:20

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Thank you very much! Will whisper tomorrow for a G inv

July 9th, 2017, 21:00
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