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 [ Declined ] Team 1 - Sneakypeakys - Rouge 
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Mainspec: SiN - APlvl: 58 - Race: Human

Amory And Logs: ... eakypeakys ... eakypeakys

When I Dont Play WoW:
Currently im a apprientce as a Wind Turbine Operator at Siemens, still have 1 year to go before im done. I really like this job, when i dont work or play video games im proberly outside Windsurfing if the weather allows me to. other then that i really like moutinbiking and snowboarding in the winter i also go and do crossfit from time to time.

WoW History:
I played wow on/off since vanilla and started raiding back in WoTLK. Atm my main is a rouge and i can play all 3 spec's tho i prefer assanation. I started playing rouge again in prepatch off Legion, since Feral Druid seemed like kidda dead to me. My alt is a Brewmaster monk, so i can offtank if needed, i have a Arms warrior that can dps aswell. I allways keep my alts up to date. In this exepasion I was 7/7M EN - 1/3M ToV - 6/10M NH 1/9M ToS.

Moms Basment Gaming: Cleared Emerald Nightmare Mythic with them 7/7M - This guild was really good actully they had some good players and some tryhards, i really liked this guild we cleared EN really ez, but then when Nighthold came out, sadly allot of peps had to quit the game for Irl stuff. But we tried to go on without them, but it was just to harsh on the raidleader he got so burned out, cuz off not enough showed up for raids and everyone was giving him the fault. So he stopped playing from 1 day to another without telling anyone.

The Pug Life: Cleared some off Nighthold Mythic with them 6/10 - okay so i joined this guild on silvermoon with like 6-8 guys from the old guild, it was a totally new formed guild and we started clearing NH mythic pretty fast. But then the raidleader had to go to Alaska, for 4-5weeks so someone else had to take his place and that guy was me. I learned allot from raidleading but it didnt take me long to understand, that a raidleading spot is not for me. i got really burned out from it, i also thought about leaving, but i kept going untill the other raidleader came back. The progress was just so slow, peps was really bad and didnt understand tacs at all. They wanted DPS over everything else, so no1 did tacs even the tanks was really really bad. So i choose to leave that guild.

Latitude: Got 7/10NH and cleared Nmal and HC Tomb Of Sagaras - This guild was really good i was on a trail here for like 2-3 weeks and i enjoyed all my time there. All off them was really tryhards and understood that dps wasnt everything, so we cleared Nmal and HC the first week of Tomb. Sadly just as i passed my trail they dicided, to merge to horde. But i dicied not to go back to horde again.

Pug Life: Then i went back to Puglife for a week or smt, the thing is i should never had gone back to this guild again. But when i got back the raid envimont, was really bad peps yelling at each other, calling some bad calls, no control over anything, peps bulling and grping up on 1 guy. I just couldnt stay there at all.

What U Can Expect From Me:
Im allways there on time.
Allways ready to help.
Have allot of knowledge about WoW.
Can allways take critisim from raidleader.
Im a very competitive person.
Keeping chars up to date.

Why rouge:
I Love playing my rouge, i think every raid should atleast have 1-2 rouges, cuz of the awsome utillty they have (Cheat Death/Feint/Sprint/cloak/Evasion/shadowstep).
I played Feral druid in Dreanor but that just seemed like a dead spec to me in prepatch, so i dicied to go back to rouge and it was a really good decision.
As i said before my main spec is SiN and i would prefer playing it, tho i can play Sub and outlaw aswell, i just dont like Shadow dance that much, but i still like to play Sub sometimes, cuz when u do eveything corrert it feels like u are domanating. Outlaw tho is just to much RNG if u ask me, all is just focused around roll the bones.
I have all the BiS legendarys for all the spec's. I have all leggos for SiN - (BiS Shoulders/bracer/boots for SuB) - (BiS Shoulder/boots/bracers for Outlaw)

Time played in 110:
93days. 4hours. 23sec.


PC Spec:
GTX 980
16 GB ram
Razer Naga Mouse
Logitech wireless headset with mic

If u have any questions at all, or if i sound like a guy u would have on ur team, feel free to add me, so we can have a chat. Im way better talking then writing on english :P


July 11th, 2017, 12:31
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Hey sneakypeaky.

Thanks for your application to Inner Sanctum.
I regret to inform you that your application has been unsuccessful.

We wish you the best of luck in finding a guild that suits you.

Kind regards,

July 13th, 2017, 13:32
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