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 [ Declined ] [Team 1] Rosealba - Holy Priest. 
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Character name - Rosealba
Battletag - Rosealba#2567
Race - Human
Class - Priest
Level - 110
Artifact Level - 57 ( holy ) - 52- 52
Server - Emerald Dream
Talent spec - Holy

- I started playing World of warcraft in 2005 as a lovely little social scrub.
Total played time - Overall 287days - On my priest 194 days
Time played on current character in current expansion - I got 72 days in lvl 110 counting upwards + 24 days on hunter.

My previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:
2005-2014 little guild with IRL friends. As said social scrub

2014-2015 -Get geared or wipe trying > We wipe with pride - Same guild, new name. Drama and Danish people. not much to say there. Left because the guild split up some realmchanged some stopped playing.

2015-2016 Exiles > i didnt really Leave them WoD was a tuff expansion on most smaller raiding guilds, after 7 pulls on gorefiend M everyone stopped but me, as in i played 24/7 and was the only one online. After a few months with that and Hc pugs i missed mythic too much, i talked to the officer troop and told them i wanted to find a guild to progress the rest of the content with another guild, and join back when legion hit if they had the members to get a raid team going again.

2016-2016 > Resolve as explained above. If i had felt home there i wouldve stayed but exiles was my home.

2016 > present - I spend this whole expansion working hard for my little family. I love the members here and its no easy decision. But the truth is, you cant force people to have the same mindset as your own. And i can with peace in my mind say that ive done what i could now, and its not gonna change. Thats why im writing here.

Then i found you guys on wowprogress.

Why Inner Sanctum and why should we accept YOU?
Ive spend the last few days looking for guilds, reading their websites, and their other applications. And i keep getting back to you. Call it a gut feeling.
You should accept me because I allways try to push myself harder, and be better at what i do. I do my homework, and i will do what i can to contribute with a kill. I dont have loads of years of raid experience, and to be fair. In BRF when i first started i sucked balls. But im stubborn as F*** so i worked my way from not being counted as a healer in BRF to clear Mythic HFC. Just by analyzing better players logs, and spamming raids. Get practise and get better. Im a very Helpful person and Ive only missed out 3 raids since BRF. My computer, gear and internet connection are all good, i have the worst humor in the world, and i only know one person who makes worse puns than me. On top of all the good and the bad, im currently providing our guild with feasts, gems and enchants. and have no problem with doing so or grinding for the guildbank - as long as its appriciated.

unfortunately i do not know anyone in inner sanctum that can vouch for my abilities, but my prior raid experience includes:
BRF 9/10
HFC 12/13 M (missing gorefiend)
7/7 EN M priest - 5/7 M Hunter
ToV 3/3 HC Priest + Hunter
NH 6/10 M Priest - 1/10 M Hunter
ToS 2/9 M Priest - 9/9 H Hunter

I expect a stable raidteam, with somewhat the same mindset as my own. In return i offer a working microphone, good attendance, and activity outside of raid hours...
And i play .... A lot? Too much - maybe. I dont play any other games than WoW, and i spend 6-10 hour a day infront of my computer. not allways ingame though. i dont believe in being afk just for the timer to tick.
Im well prepared and Organized, and able to find something positive in allmost everything. I know when to have fun, pad the meters and get good logs, and when to manage my mana and do mechanics, id rather end up with a bad log and 30% mana than wipe on 3% because of an "o-shit" moment with no mana to spare.
I Need structure and stability, to perform at max and strive to be an even better player. im my current situation where ill know when raid starts if we are going HC or Mythic or what boss we're at, i dont feel like im able to evolve as much as i would like.

Currently i use Bigwigs, WA, Details, ExrT, Pawn/simc & VuhDo

My raiding gear and talents change a little from fight to fight, depending on the raidsetup, inc. dmg and type of dmg. ... m/rosealba

Everything is official, so take a look arround my logs too! :D
ToS Priest ... metric=hps
NH Priest ... metric=hps
Hunter, if wanted. nothing special there. ... /roselutea

Alts too! ... /roselutea ... /rosebella
^^ druid tank for the sake of understanding mechanics and fights from another perspective to be a better raider.

Real life info :
Name > Anna
Age > 27
Location > Denmark
Info about me and what I do when not playing WoW:
Im going Home on Sick leave and have been for 2 years -and it doesent seem to change in any near future. I have A dog called Newton wich im spending a lot of time on - teaching tricks and stuffs like that, not to forget my Chinchilla - > Garrosh Hellscream!! I do a lot of creative things like painting and drawing. Other than that i stream, both World of Grindcraft and Creative. Would however never stream a raid night if i feel like it might take my focus of the raid etc.
- you you have any questions at all im allways up for a chat on discord! BloodTrail

July 17th, 2017, 17:29

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Cheers for the app, evaluating. Hope you enjoyed our custom emotes.

July 17th, 2017, 18:28

Joined: July 17th, 2017, 17:19
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Sounds good, looking foreward to hearing from you. i did, who doesent love twitch emotes?

July 17th, 2017, 18:30
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