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 [ Accepted ] Team 2 - Frost/Fire magoo 
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General blabber:

Charname: Krepah
Artyinfo: 60 frost 54 fire (pumping it up and fishing for legos cos #diablogaming) 52 arcane
Battletag: Krepa#2230

Total time played is around the 500 day mark, currently I've played around 120 total on my mage, 30 this expansion, which is mostly during NH and ToS. Also around 50 days total on my old vanilla mage but that one is long gone.

Raid and guild shenanigans:

Vanilla I started on Stormreaver, moved pretty quickly to Dunemaul with a few friends where I raided in a guild called Minions which I think disbanded around Nax release. I also did a few joint raids with the guild Iron Edge back then.
TBC I was in the military so didn't get a lot of meaningful playtime in during that time period, and quickly transferred to AD to join a few friends after I got out of the army.
On AD I used to have my own guild in WoTLK where we raided 10m exclusively up to Ulduar where people stopped raiding completely. Then I switched to community raiding with the Peregrinos(?) raiding community where we raided 25m all through Trial, while at the same time I raided 10m hardmodes and TotGC in my own small team ending with us killing LK HC in decent enough time.
Cataclysm was the same deal, raided 10m mostly, clearing most, if not all content on HC.
MoP I joined Crusade where I dicked around most of MoP due to studies, ended up with raiding with them on and off from the end of Mists till around mid WoD when I finally had more time to raid more full time. Crusade I stayed in until end of Nighthold, mostly due to having a few good friends there, but the overall environment of the guild made a part of us leave and create our own guild, Incognito, which did not work out as I was promised in the end plus their raiding schedule is not gonna fit my work schedule come September.

And as a quick summary of my overall raiding history:

Vanilla: everything pre Naxx
TBC: none
WoTLK: most HM/HC content except LK25 hc
Cata: all 10m HC content bar Spine/DW
MoP: all content on HC
WoD: all content on HC
Legion: 7/7 HC (on a DK) 10/10 HC and 8/9 HC

Me and You:

What I bring to the table...
is a dedicated raider who attends 95% of the time, performs well under pressure and in new situations, does his homework and raid preparations each new tier and boss, and generally likes to progress; it doesn't need to be quick progression but as long as the trend is we're moving forward I'm a happy camper. I also grumble very little and am able to take a joke and criticism, and I enjoy pushing my dps to the limit!

What I want from you...
is a progress oriented environment where people perform in a reliable and decent fashion, a stable guild where I can grow back into the end game content I used to love and where I can grow as a player.

PS. Heard about you fine lads from a friend of mine, Alyestra, who applied in here recently, when we were discussing of my future outside of raiding in shitstacks

Other relevant info:

Overall: ... metric=dps
ilvl: ... bracket=-1
last maiden: ... e&fight=14

RL things:

So hello! The name's Christian, I'm a 29 year old lad from Finland, working in electronics/automation. Outside of raiding I game, I also read a lot and enjoy the odd social get-together Finland style (aka get drunk and spank eachother with birch twigs in 100 degrees plus).
I also love to cook, which is quite apparent in my figure, but eh, gotta save up that fat for those cold winters.

As a small side note before you go all "Who is this shit tier raider?! DansGame" my ilvl might not be the most amazing (918) but that's 6 piece tier gaming for you, since my 895/890 t19 pieces amount to +15k more than what my 930ish non tier pieces in my bags end up as... also I know me not having mythic experience might be a huge stinker, but I'm the first one to admit I might have been a bit too loyal to my friends, and not prioritized my own progression, completely my own fault in the end.

August 8th, 2017, 23:39

Joined: August 3rd, 2017, 19:25
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Also, almost forgot, addon wise I use the general boss mod (DBM) plus a meter (Details) setup, I don't see a need to sully my pristine Blizzard UI with external filth


August 8th, 2017, 23:41

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Hey Krepa!

Thanks for your application, it's currently being processed and we will get back to you shortly.


August 9th, 2017, 0:17

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Welcome to Inner Sanctum!

August 10th, 2017, 14:56
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