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 [ Accepted ] Teraa - Holy Paladin 
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What's your Name, Age & Nationality?
Antonio, 28, Croatian
Please write your Battle.Tag to make communication easier.

Tell us about yourself, such as your interests or what you do for a living etc. Also, how often do you play? We really value players that play outside of raid times & participate in various guild events / off night events.
I am 28 years old from Croatia but living and working in Germany. I am family lawyer working in small office in Dortmund, living with my girlfriend and old cat. I love other games aswell ( LoL ), cars, motorcylces, basketball. Started streaming on raid days as hobby .

We're an English Speaking Guild. How good is yours? Do you have a microphone (Required).
Fluent, I have microphone.

Your Character
What's your Class & Spec?
Paladin, Holy
Link to Armory: ... od/teraaxx

Please take a screenshot of your UI in raid combat. (You can upload it using imgur or similar sites).
Normal UI, not fan of random stuff, weak auras, tell me when, grid, big wigs included and rest of addons. Everything macroed, binded.

Link to your Warcraft Logs Reports - Note, your application WILL NOT be considered if it doesn't contain logs. ... artition=1

Was on holidays last 3 weeks.

Do you have any alts? You are required to have one for our split runs. (Only if applying for Team 1)
All alts are on Frostmane, but I am very well familiar with split runs, will be sure to have alt ready before next patch.

Your previous guilds and the reasons for leaving them?
Raiding properly since Burning Crusade, was scrublord during classic WoW, and went hardcore in Cataclysm. Some noteworthy kills :

World: 26 EU: 17 Grand Empress Shek'zeer
World: 81 Eu : 58 Sha of Fear
World: 97 Eu: 77 Will of Emperor ( plenty more bellow 100 )

Some of videos : - Sha of Fear / you can hear me screaming while being muffled by gf since it was late and I punched whole in closet. - Spirit Kings / here I had surgery ( small ) and temperature of 40 Celsius, and when I heard them struggling on mumble I got up from bed and did my job, after kill I colapsed and slept for 16 hours on table and woke up in blood next morning ( some of dedication ). - Will of Emperor - Garajal - Protectors of Endless elite mode

Didnt play for four years, last guilds were Security ( Frostmane ) > Immersion ( Frostmane ) > passed trial in Envy ( at that time third in world ) but stoped because I was burned out and wanted to focus on my master degree. Came back in Legion, joined Animosity to raid with old friend and casually cleared content. Liked Animosty very much but they decided to stop raiding here and transfer guild on Ravencrest.

What is your current raiding experience?
Current patch 5/9 M with over 200 wipes on Mistress, last 5%.

Do you have anyone in the guild who could vouch for you?

What made you apply to Inner Sanctum, and what do you feel that you bring to the raid team?
Want to be more productive in my free time.

My working schedule is 8-16h from monday to friday. If I miss any raid that would be because of emergency.

Is there anything you would like to add to improve your application?

I like to take hardest tasks on encounters to put as much weight I can lift.
Example : Imperial Vizier Zorlok, I decided to pick hardest task of following tank who is doing copy of the boss ( Keba ) while following him on platforms first and separating from raid in second phase while keeping him alive and trying to dodge stuff while getting back in raid and toss some heals, back and fort. I am good at taking criticsm and working with others.
I was one of the theorycrafters back in day, still abit rusty.Its all about progress and guild, to always put guild needs infront of yours. Plus I am always open for PTR and Beta raids.


GPU: 1060 6gb
Ram 16gb, windows 10, custom made case, 250ssd, 1tb hdd, 2 monitors, lg230 headphones, razer naga chroma ultimate, and lg keyboard.

Internet :

Finish your application off with a joke!
Homeless pls take.

September 11th, 2017, 19:47

Joined: September 11th, 2017, 18:54
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I am always up for chat on discord, always better then writen!

September 11th, 2017, 21:08

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Hey Tera,

Thanks for your application, it's now being reviewed and we will get back to you shorly.


September 12th, 2017, 1:19

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Added you to, let's have a chat on discord.

September 13th, 2017, 10:42

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Welcome to Omega Squadron!

September 13th, 2017, 17:00
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