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 [ Accepted ] Juicy - Multi-Tank Application 
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Personal Information
Real Name: Ross McGregor
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Country: United Kingdom (England)
BattleTag: Juicy#21475

Character Information
Character Name: Juicywar and Juicymilk
Class: Warrior and Druid
Mainspec (and gear level): Protection (940) and Guardian (933)
Offspec (and gear level): I haven't focused on off-spec's as my preference to only Tank.
Armory Profile: ... war/simple and ... ilk/simple
Total Time Played: 139 Days. 47 days, 41 days.

Please explain your talent and glyph choices, the ones you are currently using, and situational ones: I will break this down into sub-categories due to multi-application of the tanks that I play.
Protection Warrior
Tier 1: Warbringer. Many people will argue Shockwave is better. However, shockwave is only viable to use on adds that are in waves of frequency (Such as Mistress or Harjatan). Goroth, Inquisitor and Sisters etc which have less than 3 standard enemies are a waste of a GCD. Whereas Warbinger offers a greater application of utility which many warriors don't use... Very rarely you'll see warriors using Intercept apart from the alternative for charge and forgetting the benefit of intercepting the Off-tank or melee DPS. I tend to use it frequently throughout the fight for a number of reason; 1. Rage gains, 2. Utility of intercept application enables the next range or melee attack to be directed to the warrior, 3. Warbringer applies an AoE Stun, 2 charges which a 15 second recharge.
Tier 2: Inspiring Presence. This talent is self-explanitory gives the raid a leech ability equal to 3% of all the damage they do. Only time I alternate for Impending Victory is in Mythic Plus key pushing.
Tier 3: Renewed Fury > Avatar. As a warrior we use Ignore Pain as a buffer throughout the fight to smooth out the income of damage, Ignore Pain as heavily nerfed as warrior would opt for Ignore Pain > Shield Block. However, now I.P has been nerfed, it is now back into the world of being a damage smoother for around 1.38m per application stacking up to around 4m. The change of a warrior getting I.P stacked for every melee hit is impossible giving the nature of the rage gains needed. Giving SB >= I.P But, Renewed Fury allow the warrior to gain a consistent 10% flat out Damage output increase. However, when you know you're going to have to burst as a tank in spouts throughout a fight, Avatar has the potential to be better in this tier.
Tier 4: Warlord's Challenge >= Bounding Stride. This one is very situational as they offer total different applications and has always infuriated me! Warlords is a ease of access to potentially more rage input throughout the boss encounter as its reduces the cooldown of Beserker Rage which is a fear/stun immunity and rage over time etc but, with this talent it applies a 15sec cooldown and give taunt no cooldown during the 6sec it's up. Whereas Bounding Stride gives Heroic Leap a huge cooldown reduction of 15 seconds and grants the warrior a 70% run speed for 3sec, great for Goroth fight and heavy mobility fights but at the cost of rage input from Beserker Rage.
Tier 5: Devastator - NO questions asked. at the cost of HP and IP effectiveness we get Auto-attack Devastate, which is a huge DPS increase, Shield Slam Proc increase, Survivability increase. I am happy to drop the 1.5m health from Indomitable talent for Devastator. Also, this frees up a GCD usage, but is more reliant on auto-attack as you need to scout for it. Meaning, If you're one of these people who like to slam GCD's right out and GCD lock yourself. Devastator isn't (or wasnt (this may have been altered)) the talent you want to be using, because you effectively cost yourself the auto-attack swing that grants the Devastator ability. For example, Casting thunderclap directly before the swing of an auto-attack would cancel out the auto-attack and grant the thunderclap the priority, meaning Rage loss, Proc loss and surv+dps loss.
Tier 6: Booming Voice, Demo Shout grants 60 rage upon usage and increases the damage you deal to the effected targets by 25%. Demo shout is by far one of the best abilities to keep on Cooldown. Reason being with Booming Voice, Demo shout literally provides the warrior with a max Ignore Pain application or a Shield block application with a revenge. Meaning it's a great DPS increase with a very strong usage of rage gains.
Tier 7: This tier is very arguable throughout every class I've tanked on, reason being 2 very very different opinions. Anger Management or Heavy repercussions. AM: basically allows the warrior to generate cooldowns a lot quicker through rage gains... the more rage you spend the more you effectively heal/have Oh, Shit buttons like Last Stand, Shield wall. 10 rage = -1second pretty much all out cooldowns such as Shield Wall, Last Stand, Demo Shout (Demo shout grants a total of -6seconds worth), I.P grants a -4 second worth. This talent is not to be used by an warrior that is not accustomed to how warrior work. And, is the top tier talent for warrior over HR. HR basically means the warrior needs to stack haste to maintain the Shield Block 100% uptime and basically HR allows the warrior to maintain it easier. This in my opinion isn't a very good option for the Protection warrior, less rage gains which means less Defensive cooldowns such as 3-4 Shield Walls per boss fight, 5-8 Demo Shouts, 2-3 last stands. etc... Oh and with the legendary bracers 10 rage = 1% of max health means the more rage the warrior pumps into I.P and Revenge, the more healing and income damage smoothing.

Guardian Druid
Tier 1: This tier is situational. This tier is almost as heavily theorycrafted as tier 5 which I will get to later. Brambles offer a slight DPS and Damage Reduction by a very small scale, However, Bristling Fur and Blood Frenzy off 0% of DPS output increase. Moreover, they offer a rage increase thus, meaning more utility of Ironfur stack frequency. Though, Bristling Fur requires damage to be taken for it to be effective as Blood Frenzy enables Thrash to generate 2 each time it deals damage. In my opinion Brambles is the clear option for most fights and the reason behind this is because of the nature of guardians not exactly being in a position of being rage starved whilst actively tanking.
Tier 2: Guttering Roars, Provides a huge rage utility. Stampeding Roar 50% cooldown reduction (Goroth for example, every spike phase it's up). Great for Mistress tornadoes during later phases of overlapping and it's radius is increased by 200%. The only other talent which may be somewhat appealing is Wild Charge. But, in my opinion Guttering Roars > Wild Charge. If I need to charge I'll use skull bash (providing that I don't need to interrupt anything within a 15sec time frame.
Tier 3: No questions asked (Balance Affinity).
Tier 4: Typhoon >= Mighty Bash. Tyhoon or aoe/placement of adds. Mighty Bash for Single target (add priority stunning if applicable).
Tier 5: Galactic Guardian is a much more throughout rage increase (providing more survivabilty). Though Incarnation has a very powerful DPS increase if adds are frequent. However, Galactic Guardian provides more overall DPS output than Incarnation. Incarnation just provides a very strong opening DPS increase or a burst increase during situations as and when required. But as a whole, GG allows the druid to free up GCD usage unless it's for a 300% direct damage moonfire proc with 8 rage gain as well which makes it worth using. However, it is worth noting that Incarnation provides a 15% base rate of Armor Increase for the duration of its uptime, no cooldowns on thrash, mangle etc but still locks out on GCD and this lasts for the entirety of 30sec. with a 2.5min cooldown timer after uptime, which is very lengthy.
Tier 6: Guardian of Elune > Survival of the Fittest. Guardians are not in any massive demand for more cooldown usage. Allowing Mangle procs to increase the duration of Ironfur for 2 sec or increase the healing from Frenzied Rejuv by 20% provides more smoothing in my opinion than Survival of the Fittest which gives 33% cooldown reduction to Barkskin and Survival Instincts. Totally paradigmatic and situational depending on boss mechanics.
Tier 7: Rend and Tear, Flat out 2% -dmg reduction per application of Thrash, increases the damage the druid does to targets that have Thrash on them (per application, max 3 stacks without legendary legs and 5 stacks with the legs).

General Information

Previous Experience
Vanilla: Obtained server first on all content during this expansion alongside obtaining world rankings of within the Top 20, I was in a guild called Elitism-Stomrage US, during this period I was a Protection Warrior. Yes, I used to play on the US servers, I was eager to play the game and during the time of vanilla I as only able to order it online and order a US Version by mistake.
The Burning Crusade: Most content including M'uru before the nerf, which got our name around as less than 100 guilds in the world obtained this. During this time, I was still a Protection Warrior in Elitism.
Wrath of the Lich King: All content again. I was in a guild called Druids of the Beast; main tank Druid. DoTB was the worlds leading pure druid only guild that was clearing content throughout the world. We was heavily published throughout MMO-Champions, Wow-insider and wowhead.
Cataclysm: I took a step back and had a social approach to raiding during this period. I lost faith in the game during this time and to be perfectly honest the content was poor, the game was in what could only be described as the worst expansion ever in warcraft history. (This time I actually bought a new copy of the game and started to play on the EU Servers).
Mist of Pandaria: I took a step up during this time and went back to progressive and competitive raiding in Pure as a Monk tank as one of the leading 2 days raiding guilds actively smashing through content. I was headed out from Razer with a sponsorship for gaming. Which lead me to transferring to Twisting nether and multi-tanking for 3 different guilds through the whole of Draenor expansion.
Warlords of Draenor: I was a Paladin tank for Proper PoHNage, Brewmaster for Eat my Crit (Dreanor) and Blood DK for Boomtime (Draenor), Lucky for me me they all had different raiding schedules and I was was actively raiding throughout the day obtaining Ahead of the Curve in content.
During this current expansion; I have been in a few guilds, Serum was one of the guilds I was multi-tanking for Guardian Druid and Protection Warrior throughout Mythic Emerald Nightmare. Then I was raiding with Pure Luck which disbanded and then I joined Malice, obtaining 6/9 Mythic in current content. However, they are a guild that recruit for the bench as they already had tanking line up sorted which has motivated me to look elsewhere for a guild.

Logs (Warcraft Logs)
Druid logs: ... /juicymilk
Warrior logs: ... r/juicywar

Screenshot of your GUI in a raid:

Alts you frequently play: All tank classes :)

Why you want to join Inner Sanctum and why I am suitable: I have raided from a high grade of competitive background through some of the worlds most renown/prestigious raiding guilds. I have the ability to make any tank my main and perform incredibly well to a grade that suits progression, I'm a a highly versatile tank that's highly adaptive to raiding content and tanking mechanics on each of the tank characters. Throughout the expansion I aim to always have at least 2 mythic raiding tanks. I can be open to re-rolling depending on guild requirements and demands. I am looking for a progression worthy guild that I am able to relocate to and see end-game content with. Basically, I'm a versatile tank that's accustomed to multi-tanking at a very high and competitive raiding standard. I am a very reliable player with a very good knowledge of theorycrafting for tanks. I believe that I could be a great addition/asset to the raiding guild... Oh, and I also have a winning personality.

Anyone in Inner Sanctum who is able to vouch for you: Unfortunately I don't know anyone personally in Inner Sanctum.

You can attend all of our raids: Yes I can meet all the requirements of times for raiding.

Anything else to add?:
Just the normal application formalities. Thank you for reading through this application. If you have anymore questions, please do not hesitate to reply or add me on Battle Tag for further information. I have no doubt, if you're interested in finding out more, you'll ask :)

Thanks all! If I am unsuccessful, I wish you all the best for KJ and Antorus, the Burning Throne!

September 17th, 2017, 18:00

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Good app. We'll be in touch.

September 17th, 2017, 18:13
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Hello Juicy after our talk this afternoon and reading your application right now,

I'd like to say; welcome to Inner Sanctum.

See you soon! Regards


September 17th, 2017, 18:28
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