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 [Accepted] Ely Shadow Priest - KVWN News Team 
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I am a long time wow player (2006) looking to return back into raiding scene after a tier long break.
I am 25years old handsome fellow from Finland.


Elyssian, Human Shadow Priest
Armory seems to lag behind as usual, some specs about my character at the time of writing this

Item Level
926 equipped, 937 bags (currently using T19 4pc, no T20 or T21 yet)
Shadow 73 traits 964ilv
Discipline 57 traits 940ilv
51 days @110 on priest
10x including shadow bis (Belt, Sephuz) and Velen's(still 940)

Legion Guild history

Started out Legion on casual / semi hc guild <Barely Average> on Ravencrest Alliance.
The guild fell apart early ToV progress (0/3) after officer team quit and nobody wanted to salvage the guild.

Made an application and got accepted to <eXample> on Ravencrest, they had ToV raidteam set up already and after they cleared ToV (world#28 i recall) i got pre nerf Helya kill the week after.
After intense m+ farming NH opened and my last progress kill was Elisande somewhere around world#50-80 (turns out its hard to find after character and guild have transferred).

I was really burnt out by the hours of AP grind and split runs, while simultaneously i got new job during NH progress wich i wanted to focus on to get a good start with, i also have 4yo son and our time together would have suffered too much.
After explaining the situation to the raid lead team i got myself benched as backup player for guldan prog and quit after the guild got him down.
<eXample> transferred after to Kazzak, Horde and i followed the guild as casual and split run filler to see the bosses on hc.

Had half a year(?) without game time and got pulled back after Blizzcon (tried to resist but what can you do). Explored the Argus stuff and cleared normal Antorus once on with old guild of mine from Wrath era.

Why am i applying here?

Really enjoing Shadow Priest as a class still and have that mythic itch wich i would love to satisfy without sacrificing too many hours.

Browsed wowprogress during few days before i ended up clicking myself to <Inner Sanctum> and after reading up the fine print this was the first guild i decided to approach.

<Inner Sanctum> KVWN News Team seems ideal to what im looking for, not too many raid hours while still clearing the content with players that know whats up. After a short chat with Veej my thoughts about the team got reinforced and convinced me to write an application.

Armory link again
User Interface

Emerald Nightmare Mythic logs
Trial of Valor Mythic logs
Nighthold Mythic logs

Rank 1 Prot paladin EZ LUL (first and only rank 1 FeelsBadMan)
Current Transmog (Very important!)

Why should you pick me?

Great question!
I identify myself as above average wow player with lots of useless and sometimes even useful knowledge about the game.
My WoW Years include;
PvP, Arena Master and High Warlord / Grand Marshal title
PvE, Raiding on different roles, melee, ranged, healer and tank all on mythic level (heroic pre wod) highest peak being in ToV / NH with <eXample>. The Chosen title and pre nerf helya kill as Shadow Priest.
RP, no please.

I like to hang on priest discord to chat with theorycrafters and nerd out about stats while pretending i understand the charts they print out. Minmaxing my characters stats and transmog is one of my favorite hobbies.

Historically i have very high attendance % for raids and i usually plan my RL stuff around raid times.
Non toxic player with no added salt.

I am very talkative person once i get going, its been a while since i talked english on voice so might be a slow start with new people tossed in the mix aswell.

Ask me about anything i forgot to mention or what comes to your mind!

TLDR recap
Shadow Priest returning to raiding scene, very handsome. Ask me questions!

December 9th, 2017, 12:38

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Accepted for trial

KVWN News officers

December 9th, 2017, 15:08
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