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 [Declined] Grìmcookie fire mage for raid team 
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General info
Character name: Grìmcookie
Battletag: Maksîmus#2971
Race, class, Artifact Level and server: Human, Mage, 75+, Ravencrest
Talent spec: Fire

For how long have you been playing World of Warcraft?
Started in vanilla but i pvped for most of my wow time i quit pvp in wod and started pve on a mythic level in legion and am now a cutting edge raider, i pvp from time to time as a guilty pleasure

Total played time:
190 days

Time played on current character in current expansion:
54 days as mage, 40 days in legion

Guild and raid info
Previous guilds and your reason(s) for leaving them:
Valor. very fun guild love the people in it but my schedule has changed and i can no longer play on a wednesday so i had to go

How did you hear about Inner Sanctum?

Why Inner Sanctum and why should we accept YOU?
im a progression oriented player, i value guild progress over padding dps , chasing logs is something i do in my own time or on farm it its possible for my own character progression and development that includes trying new stats etc

Do you know anyone from Inner Sanctum in-game or irl already? If yes, who and will they vouch for you?
no, i dont know anyone here

What is your raid experience (on any character and including past experience)?
9/10m (guild disbanded and i was guild hopping for most o NH) 3/3m 9/9m 6/11m
previously i was a glad pvper with 2.2 and 2.4 in legion content this is a new account because i had the other one banned because i was boosting people for a site called nice boost as a kid it was nice that i could play and get payed which would help me pay for my sub monthly but since im much older and dont need the income i dont need to risk my account getting banned for something dumb like that

What do you expect from raiding in Inner Sanctum
a raid team that consists of players that can take care of themselves with raid prep and tactics as well as understanding sometimes life gets in the way and a raid days and that due to that people will be unprepared every so often and i understand that and hope the team has the same view also

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it during raids?
yes,i had to move back home so i share a room with my little brother again and i can speak but just so you know

Can you attend all of our raid times listed in the rules? How often do you expect to miss a raid? (note we have an 80% attendance requirement and do track raider attendance)
i would be in the raid all the time unless i am sitting unless something happens irl like i statted above which would be out of my control

How much do you play outside of raiding times?
it depends on the week and how i feel,gf,college,job etc between weekly things i do every week i can farm m+ daily on some weeks on others i just prefer to do one or two and play another game so i dont burn out

How would you describe yourself as a raider?
i play a mage because i can always read and find something more i can do with the playstyle and i love that about the class, i read a lot about the class , id say like everyone else i can have my bad days ,i dont lie to people im upfront about how it is and how i feel about something if i say i can do it ,i can do it,i love spending time in m+ if time does allow it and inside a raid i focus on what needs to be done for the boss to die and what i can do to help achive that and loose the lowest about of dps

What addons do you use to improve your raiding performance?
Weakauras, DBM,details , angry assignments(current guild requirement) i have a very simple UI i dont use almost anything
WA for cds tracking dbm for boss cds incase i fall asleep and details for more fight analysis during a run

Please supply a screen shot to your UI:

Please supply a link to the armory with your raiding gear equipped: ... encrest/Grìmcookie
My gear changes based on what i was doing prior so its hard for me to give you 1 set even for raiding

Please supply combat logs of some of your previous kills:
(my guild keeps logs private so i will be updating these myself this and next week)

Real life info
Name: Maks
Age: 22
Location: Ireland
Info about you and what you do when not playing WoW:
network engineering student i stopped working in order to finish my degree as i was working as a net engineer for 7 months last year

January 12th, 2018, 19:21
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Hey Grim,

Thanks for your application but unfortunately we are not looking for a mage right now as we already have 4 in our roster. We wish you all the best finding a guild.

Good luck
Inner Sanctum

January 13th, 2018, 21:07
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